Free Jetico Time Zone Converter


Find out the time in any part of the world instantly


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Free Jetico Zone Converter is a simple and practical tool that tells you the time in any city around the world in a visual format. With this application, you can find out the current day, hour, minute, and even exact second in hundreds of countries.

The program interface lets you search for and save two different locations on your screen at a time. Thus you'll never have to worry about forgetting what time it is in another country compared to the time in your current location and can communicate with clients, friends, etc., in other time zones at an appropriate hour.

Besides being able to compare times in two different cities, you can save several locations to your favorites so you can always see their details every time you access Free Jetico Time Zone Converter. This means even though you'll have only two saved on your screen, you can access the others from a list that includes the day, time zone, and UTC for that country.

If you need to remove something from the list at any time, you just have to click the X next to the location to delete it. You can then add another location by clicking the 'add' button.
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